Graphic and UX Designer? Asked the Hiring Manager.
Yes, replied, confident Sid.

Awesome, Can I have a look at your Design Portfolio?
I don’t have one., Replied Sid.

Interview over!

This is the typical scenario of job searches and interview processes, if a candidate – who dreams of a career in Graphic Design, has no portfolio. It’s not possible to start a career in design without showcasing your designing abilities and creative skills. Design Portfolio is the best possible way to kickstart your design career.

What is Portfolio?

Design portfolio is the collection of one’s best projects including varied styles, approaches, concepts, solutions, mediums etc that showcases one’s creative capability. Portfolio’s main objective to impress potential employers.

At AND, we make sure that our students graduate with a Design Portfolio, to make the interview process easy for both – our students and their employers. Our students Design Portfolio – be it Graphic Design or UX/UI Design, comprises of projects in print, digital media and includes a wide range of disciplines like branding, advertisement, publications, packaging, editorial, websites, mobile apps, brochures, posters etc.

A recruiter at The Store explains: “It makes our selection process easier when a candidate includes sketches and processes involved in certain creative outputs. Design Portfolio of graduates from AND helps us understanding one’s approach and style towards a final design or creative solution effectively only and easily because they add in their initial concept sketches, wireframes, mind maps and doodles along with the final fully developed designs”.

The interview scenario will change to your advantage if you have a Design Portfolio that shows your creative skills. So, want to create an outstanding Design Portfolio to kickstart your design career? Join Design Courses at AND and make use of all the innovative approach, techniques and high-level support, encouragement from the faculties in starting your design profession.

Our students’ work is the testament to the high standard of design education we provide. See for yourself through AND’s Info Session – about the courses, student portfolios and career opportunities.

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