LEVEL 1 – For Beginners

– School and College students.
– Design enthusiasts, eager to test the waters in Design Stream.
– Aspirants wishing to start their career in Design.

– In-depth knowledge on Design Fundamentals
– Projects on multiple streams of Design
– Comprehensive Portfolio with projects on various disciplines
– Ability to choose suitable specialisation

– 1 to 3 months duration
– 2 days a week for 2 hours a day


Foundation program that develops aesthetic sensitivity and in-depth knowledge on Fundamentals of Design which includes,

Principle of Design: Pattern, Contrast, Emphasis, Balance, Proportion, Harmony, Rhythm.

Elements of Design: Lines, Shapes, Colours, Size, Type, Images and Texture.

The entrant will be able to choose one or more area of design they want to specialize, based on their passion, from the following: Graphic Design, Interaction Design, Environmental Graphic Design and Fashion Design. Participant will be able to design impressive and meaningful logos, posters, brochures, portfolio and banners, create presentations etc. She/he will get a certificate of honour by AND Design school for the completion of the novice level.