So, you are interested in a design career?
You’re lucky!

Graphic Design is one of the interesting profession where there’s always a strong demand from employers. If you have the right skills, salaries are pretty impressive, even for the junior positions.


Fearing if graphic design is just another trend that may fade soon?

No! Design is and will always be in demand. In today’s scenario, where our lives are filled with automation and technology, fear of our jobs be taken over by robots are not an unusual one. But, you can rest assured, that Graphic design will always require human thinking and creativity. It’s an essential cog in our workday. One that is required for any brand and business.

While simple collateral or a few of the wide range of design processes can be automated, it requires a skilled Designer and a creative professional to develop holistic brands and clever communication that works effectively with a certain target audience. This makes a career in Graphic Design smart decision.

Designers can add value to any workplace.

It’s not just a design studio that requires a Graphic designer. Designers can add value to any workplace. From editorial design, publishing company, to internal team in a fitness brand, to freelancing your way, to independent projects to biggest brand’s corporate communication team – options are numerous. Graphic design career path always opens to so many exciting journeys and destinations.

Not everyone can do it, of course, but if you have an artistic eye, an interest in the world around you, an ability to communicate with others and a willingness to commit to a lifetime of learning, then Graphic design could well be the career for you.

Want to get started now? Then check out AND’s Graphic Design course, created to suit your requirements and lifestyle. At AND, we love making designers, from scratch. Meaning, most of our students have no design background, education or work experience. Their initial orientation, process understanding and enlightenment towards the subject make teaching even closer to our hearts.

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