Visual Arts, Graphic Design, Interior Design and Fashion Design

Art, Design, and Fashion – it is all fun. What’s more fulfilling is to help others learn, appreciate and make use of these.

Art and Design are a powerful means of expression, way to expand imagination and increase problem-solving skills. An inspiring teacher coupled with a plethora of knowledge in art and design would make wonders in transforming an aspirant into professional.
This program comprised of 4 major components
1. Studio – to equip oneself with the various arts/design skills,
2. Specialization – to choose and acquire an advanced level of understanding and skills in a specific art form or discipline
3. Training the trainer – to make one qualified to lead and teach students
4. Internship – to acquire real-time experience in teaching the subject.

Art Teacher Training Diploma Program – One/Two year
Design Teacher Training Diploma Program – One/Two year

Ideal for:
Those who are passionate about art/design
Practising artists/designers who would like to add a specialisation in art/design
Graduates and Art/Design enthusiasts who are interested in adding teaching credentials in their profile



Are you  an artist or designer, who would love to  share your knowledge? or,
Are you a teacher who loves art and design?
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