An Art A Day

One day workshop on arts, crafts and design.

One of a kind initiative from AND, where art enthusiasts can enroll themselves to workshops on the topic of their choice, related to arts and crafts.

Arts, Craft and Design subjects:
Pencil drawings, portraits, water colors, painting landscapes, oil colors, acrylic painting, fluid art, resin art, glass art, stained glass, brush lettering, traditional calligraphy, mandala art, doodle art, mural on canvas, ceramics, embroidery, still-life, dot painting, illustrations, warli, madhubani, batik, tie&dye, bas-relief and more.


How does it work?
Step 1: Choose an art you are interested in learning
Step 2: Submit your details
Step 3: AND will provide 3 options for the day for the workshop
Step 4: Choose a day of your choice and register yourself by making the payment
Step 5: Visit for the workshop!

Other details:
– Three to six hours on a chosen day
РBasics, tools, tips and techniques on the chosen topic will be taught
– Materials will be provided only to practice in the class (need to be returned)
– Fee for each workshop is Rs.2000 plus tax.