Power of Flexible Branding

Design trends are ever-changing and hence here in this article, you will know more about the flexible branding that changed the way that logos are seen over two decades. Any well-established brand logo is registered in everyone’s mind. Just seeing the logo we recognize the whole story behind the logo like companies product/service, ads, popularity, Read more about Power of Flexible Branding[…]

Impact of Graphic Design in Digital Marketing, that you need to know

Now the trend is fast changing which is true last week may not be true next week because digital transformation and updation as well as automation with artificial intelligence are booming. And comparing these two or separating these two is nearly impossible now. Because marketers cannot market without graphics design and Designers cannot design without Read more about Impact of Graphic Design in Digital Marketing, that you need to know[…]

Things every aspiring graphic designer must know

Know The Simple Facts The graphic is a visual i.e. Art, Imagination, Expression and this involves many mediums such as drawing painting, engraving or lettering, and giving clear and explicit details. The Graphic is built on the visual elements such as line, color, shape, texture, space, form & typography combined together in a room to Read more about Things every aspiring graphic designer must know[…]

Choosing Design to achieve Greatness!

There were few queries regarding my previous post. One of the questions raised was, “Can Design help one achieve Greatness?” As a designer I felt this question was naive as it was never a big deal for me to understand how design could help achieve greatness. But on further thought, I understood that for a Read more about Choosing Design to achieve Greatness![…]

Design and Psychology – the way it works together.

Good designs get noticed, Great designs get results. Understanding the difference between attention and results, need of choosing the right elements that serve the purpose require skills that are beyond the conventional meanings and the superficial definitions of Design. For example, knowledge in colour associations like blue for calmness, red for passion and purple for Read more about Design and Psychology – the way it works together.[…]

After AND Design Courses – Design Job, Freelancing or Own Start-Up

Jobs from AND Design School after completing the Design Course Depending on your personality and attitude towards career, life and goals, you will have a myriad of options to choose from. For a good designer, it’s always easy to gain control and freedom in choosing the type of career one always dreamt of. If you love Read more about After AND Design Courses – Design Job, Freelancing or Own Start-Up[…]


One of the rules of design that Paul Rand believed and followed was “Simplicity”. For him simplicity is the by-product of a good idea and modest expectations. Good designer believes that eliminating stuffs that doesn’t make sense would help the audiences focus on The One idea. Though this belief is not widely practiced, the consequence Read more about Simplify![…]

EMERGING TREND IN 2018 – part 1 of series

Either good, bad or scary, technology evolution has made it much faster for brands to innovate and disrupt. We can expect to evidence more breakthroughs in couple of years than what we saw in last couple of decades. One of the trends we expect to see in 2018 is “Packaging Design” From the Healthcare industry’s Read more about EMERGING TREND IN 2018 – part 1 of series[…]

Designed to mesmerize!

Figure Skating – Behind this four minutes (approx) mesmerizing program, are a years of practice. For a spectator, who has not trained in Skating – this ruthlessly designed transitions, footwork and positions; confluence of interdisciplinary influences like ballet, dance, music, and costume, deliverance; – wouldn’t mean much. But, we experienced an undefinable emotions, observing what Read more about Designed to mesmerize![…]


For those who wanted to join Graphic Design course but having persistent doubts and in the spell of some not-so-informed/wrong advice. Here are some of the questions/self-doubt statements that we often hear: I can’t draw, will I survive in this course? What’s big deal about Portfolio? I know Photoshop I’m very much interested, but I’m scared Read more about BOLD ENOUGH TO BECOME A DESIGNER?[…]