Do you have it too?

In a world so rapid,
with almost everything is at the tip of the finger,
everyone is in pursuit of something – leaving behind the art of creative thinking confined to set of people.
Why? Who decides who are destined to do those stuffs?
Aren’t we born creative? YES!
Then, why only very few retain the trait?

Those who change the course of the world!
When the world dictates what is right and wrong, a few have the courage to question the quo “why?” – while others choose to accept the reality and get into the race. When they find no satisfactory reasons to that ‘why’, they start to define their own path.

They never mind about recognition or followers – but their thoughts and their work inspires the people around them.
What sets them apart? the answer is “courage”.

Courage to question!
Courage to ask “why”!
Courage to change!

The actual question now is,
Do You have it too?