As an initiative to make design education more reachable to the deserved aspirant, AND collaborates with international designers and artist to provide scholarship upto 50% to the much deserved candidates.

How does it work?
Step 1: Provide a valid reason on why you or your friend deserve this scholarship
Step 2: Submit the filled form
Step 3: Attend face-to-face interview
Step 4: AND would screen your application and reasons for scholarship requirement, during interview
Step 5: You will be informed about eligible scholarship
Step 6: Accept the scholarship offer
Step 7: Once accepted, you will have to complete registration process, which includes payment, adhering to deadlines, and documents submission to reserve your seat with approved scholarship.
Step 8: Congrats! You can join the classes!


Are you  an aspiring designer, who deserves this scholarship? or,
Do you know someone who deserves this?
If you answered ‘YES’, APPLY NOW!