Power of Flexible Branding

Design trends are ever-changing and hence here in this article, you will know more about the flexible branding that changed the way that logos are seen over two decades.

Any well-established brand logo is registered in everyone’s mind. Just seeing the logo we recognize the whole story behind the logo like companies product/service, ads, popularity, market, unique feature, industry, etc,. A logo is just from a single small symbol or graphic image that gives the end-user a visual brand image. This is the kind of impact we have in our society and its importance and uses are skyrocketing.

This single logo design created for a company is getting outdated in the recent few years because of the Temporal Concept of Logo. Every brand or any company wants its logo to be recognized quickly as the face of the company, convey brand value, social and reputation, Longevity, and timelessness towards the ages of consumers. Temporal logos keep your logos completely fresh and update to hold your customers by the system. The best examples of the Temporal Logo and Flexible Branding are google, firefox, the city of Melbourne, Internet Explorer, DC comics, Twitter, and even Apple

In the case of Google, the temporal google is an extension in all service and with various other products of the google logo system. Since the expectations have changed if you are updated you can easily get ignored and outdated with the trend. In google the experiment is the key, for example, the thematic google doodle for a product launch or an event or any current situation is employed and this increases the brand engagement.

The City of Melbourne

This is one great example of a flexible branding system of identity. The word M is repetitively created with geometric shapes and designs and color patterns with different variations make it fresh, unique, and most importantly social.


Be it brand or any graphics understanding the customer needs, wants, pain points are the most essential to standardize and a document has to be the inspiration. Socialism in brand is all about adaptable, flexible, growth, experience, consistency, responsibility is connected emotionally and that makes a brand unforgettable.