Impact of Graphic Design in Digital Marketing, that you need to know

Now the trend is fast changing which is true last week may not be true next week because digital transformation and updation as well as automation with artificial intelligence are booming. And comparing these two or separating these two is nearly impossible now. Because marketers cannot market without graphics design and Designers cannot design without knowing what the market requires. It’s important to know what is what before comparing or analyzing in order to come to a conclusion.

Graphic design is combining visual elements with design principles to give life to any image, logo, video, etc. How a visual gets life is the purpose or the function it serves i.e. practically solving problems with the help of tools and other elements make it complete.

Digital marketing as no fixed definition or explanation because it keeps changing as per the current trends of the digital world, the brief description would be attracting clients/customers towards the product or the service using the digital interface i.e. with help of the internet to make wonder and true magics in the 20th century,

Graphic design is where the tunnel begins and graphic design is known as an art and engineering science to solve and simplify the complexity of the words into a visual form for better understanding. Digital marketing is at the end of the tunnel delivering the work as a content and creating attention around the visual by marketing in the digital media.

The quality design gets the desired results and most importantly, graphic design is not drawing or art alone it has a significant role in digital marketing like content marketing by engaging with the customer and creating brand awareness and learning to create a process of ad and image creation through consistent designs.

Being a Freelancer or an Entrepreneur in the design industry or the digital marketing industry you will be proud of what you do. And knowing the importance of your design in a logo or brand image being unique as well as the top reach of your company identity in the digital world through marketing.

The old-age quote is very true “A picture is worth 1000 words”. It is no surprise that human beings are visual creations and as per the research it is said that we humans build or break trust for a brand or product in just 30second of looking at them. However, more than half the crowd which is approximately 70% of humans are visual learners. These are the proofs that show how important design is and how well it needs to be marketed.

However, let’s try to compare both now if you take an image the designer creates one for the client and the marketer takes it to the customer promoting the client’s product or service. Without the basic understanding of the market and the client, it is not possible for both industries to create something that gives an outstanding result so the purpose remains the same in the point of marketer wants to give thing what his customers would like and create an awareness campaign to reach to a greater audience and sells, Design has to create a thing what customers would accept and get attracted to very quickly.

As social media is a flying rocket of 2020 to spread any message in just fractions. The dependency is more than anytime in the recent past and will still increase so people trust is built on what they see frequently and satisfied by getting what they saw. There is a big difference concept filling that gap like supply chain, packaging engineering, etc

Right now the focus of this article is directing two major industries that are merging and it is no longer possible to separate or compare and this change is undoubtedly permanent. The designer is a digital marketer and digital marketer without learning design will find it difficult to survive. To achieve the desired result and to be profitable you have to be both a great designer and pro marketer.

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