I DESIGN MY FUTURE program help college students to become capable and deserved individual and to achieve their life dreams by providing real-time opportunities that would help them develop career and life skills.

This program is ideal for young and bold minds, who would love to pursue their passion in a memorable, fun and explorative way during college days.

I design my future

BRIDGE YEARS is a program that helps students who enters college after their high school to develop career and life skills by practical training to make them capable of achieving their life dreams.

This is a program of one to three years, designed in order to facilitate college going students’ participation.


Why to join ‘Bridge Years’?

To Learn

To Network

To Share

To Earn

To Succeed

earn, Teach, Earn, Gain – Ideas, Skills, Experience’ that would help them have a successful personal and professional future.

Acquire skills that make you capable for getting employed

Become the best version of you

to develop creative solutions to real-world problems through a process that emerges from the field of design. D-school co-founder George Kembel has said that students learn a methodology for problem-solving that will serve them well beyond the classroom.