Why should you join “GRAPHIC DESIGN - print/UX/UI” program?

to impress future employers!

You will be trained to create an outstanding portfolio capturing your capabilities in print and online media, that would help you become a desired candidate in your dream job!

to reach your future goals!

You will create and exhibit a project of your own, that demonstrates future goal, like photography exhibition, personal blog or website or even a business plan for start-up idea.


with industry experts!

You will get loads of opportunities to connect and engage with successful industry experts who present workshops/ seminars at &school on professional transformation.


to face design challenges!

Hands-on exercises & interactions with design experts would increase your creativity and confidence which is essential in approaching any design project or presenting your ideas


“GRAPHIC DESIGN - print/UX/UI” - Program Overview



Curriculum is categorised into three phases, “Design Orientation, Design Capabilities and Personal Brand”

This is the basis on which the entire program is built. “At work, yet fun” - describes the programme well, as this is all about hands-on exercises on Design fundamentals, working with paints, pencils, pen and ink on paper, colors, glues, cut out forms, types and so much. Once equipped with these design basics, students would tend to approach any design project with new enthusiasm.

Students would create several print and online design projects that forms an outstanding portfolio. Students will be trained to gather requirements, understanding briefs, setting goals, sketching, creating story boards, designing & evaluating options, creating mockups and to execute projects with perfection. This programme also helps in discovering one's strengths like typography, grids or branding and to play it up to make the projects in the portfolio more impressive for interviews.

Students will be trained to create their Personal Brand, that demonstrates their skills and interest in a particular area, which could be like photograph or painting exhibition, or developing their own website and blog capturing their future goals and to network for future business etc.

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"Creating Design Professionals" is the objective of this program. Methodology of this program is in par with international standards to help students reach their highest potential to meet industry expectations of a desired candidate in job interviews.

One has to know the rules to break it! In design, its all about knowing which rule to break to transform a piece of work into art. Indepth understanding of design fundamentals will allow one to be more creative and stand out from the crowd of designers who had given importance to the technology and softwares.

An outstanding portfolio is the free ticket to your dream job. Portfolio and Personal Brand that showcases personal style, skills and capabilities would help reaching potential employers for dream job and clients for independent projects.

Throwing light on various arenas of the design industry to help students make informed decision on further improving their skills through online and offline workshops/seminars. To help students build network with highly successful individuals in the industry.

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Career Opportunities

Students will have numerous options to proceed further in pursuing their passion and education towards their goals.

There is high demand of professional graphic designers in Chennai and all over the world. Candidates who successfully completes this course will have creative Portfolio and an authentic Personal Brand - most important things an employer would look for when hiring an candidate. So, getting that dream job offer is going to be so easy.

Students who prefer to explore more on particular area in design may join in an organization to improve their knowledge and skills further. This will add more value to their portfolio, that helps reaching future goals like owning a design studio.

As designers are more likely to be independent, they prefer to be on their own. Design professionals, who completes this program would be able to market their services innovatively to obtain independent projects.

Organisations constantly look for design consultants who could support them in brand building, corporate and marketing communications. These organizations look for confident and capable design professionals who would add value to their brand. If your portfolio is strong in areas like branding and communications, you would become an most wanted candidate in these organization.

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Duration, Seats & Admission

6 months program. 3 days a week. 3 hours a day.

3rd week of every month


The tuition fee is INR 66000/-. Can be paid in two installments. Please note that fees are reviewed occasionally and are subject to change.

ADMISSION PROCESS. You can join this program in three simple steps.
STEP 1. Submit Online Form
Go to "YES! I'm interested" form, fill the details and submit. Our executives will get in touch to help you proceed to next step

STEP 2. Personal Interview
You will be interviewed by our experts. This is a casual meeting to help get to know each other before the program begins. In this step, We will also assist you in submitting basic documents, photographs and DD/cheque that are mandatory to proceed to next step.

STEP 3. Admission Kit
Successful completion of 2nd step means that you are admitted to the program. You will be given a admission kit, which includes ID card, &school branded T-shirt, sketch notebooks and many more.

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Please submit the form, to know more about “GRAPHIC DESIGN - print/UX/UI” program. Our expert will explain how you could make use of this program for your successful career!