Why design courses are expensive?



Why we may sound expensive?

There are few design aspirants who signed up for course, but later changed their decision as they felt it was expensive. Just like you!

We would like to explain and update you on few details about the course fee. We have made payment options much more flexible for aspirants like you who are really interested. But we feel it’s our responsibility to explain why the fee is well – expensive. Here it is,

FEE vs ROI (Return On Investment):
Whether it’s Design Orientation Course or specialisation, normal payback for the fee is just two to three months – considering a design career spanning for decades, course fee is hardly anything.

You are not paying just for the course at AND Design School, you get access to renowned experts in design industry. When the connections by itself an advantage, having them as your faculty and getting guidance from these experts are definitely an added value provided by AND Design School – something you can’t expect in most institutes.

About the payment updates,

We are giving you three installment payment option. You can pay only INR 20000 while submitting application form and for the remaining fee, you can take as long as a month. You will have a month each to pay remaining two installments fee. More than that
You can choose whether or not to pay remaining installment fee!

We have taken a big step in easing your decision making process by reducing the fee further.
You have an option to use AND’s Referral Program.
You can choose to reduce INR 3000 to 5000 from the fee using a Referral Code!

Please call 8939992295, if you would like to give it another shot!

We get that money may be tight especially for college students (we’ve been there). That’s why we are doing everything we can to keep the fee low and still bring you the best Creative Directors to guide you on projects. We spend money all the time, mostly on things that don’t help us achieve anything worthy. That would not be the case here in this course. You’ll feel that this was the best money you’ve ever spent on a training. And that’s a promise!

“You are free to decide!”

To join the course, CALL NOW! 8939992295. Limited seats available with these offers.