After AND Design Courses – Design Job, Freelancing or Own Start-Up

Jobs from AND Design School after completing the Design Course

Depending on your personality and attitude towards career, life and goals, you will have a myriad of options to choose from. For a good designer, it’s always easy to gain control and freedom in choosing the type of career one always dreamt of.

If you love freedom in work,
Independent projects are your best bet. You can begin by doing small assignments for domestic segments. Once you are comfortable and in the flow, you can jump in for bigger assignments from corporates, organizations, to institutes.

If you want to gain industrial exposure,
Corporate companies, Govt. organizations, Industry bodies to Institutions, every segment is hunting for Good Designers. Following are some of the designations for which the companies are recruiting constantly,
1. Graphic Designer
2. Web Designer
3. Visualizer
4. Design Lead
5. Layout artist
6. Packaging Designer
7. Visual Merchandiser
8. Illustrator
9. Image editor
10. Infographics Artist
11. Art Director (various levels)
12. UX/UI Designer
13. IA Designer (Information Architecture) and many more to list

If you prefer to be your own boss,
You can start your Design Studio or AD Agency by partnering or associating with strategists and professionals from various fields. There are MNCs that outsource design projects. All you need is to have a stellar portfolio and excellent presentation skills, which you would obviously gain from AND’s Design Courses.

If you love to mark your presence (wherever you are),
Indulge more into design thinking and creative problem-solving processes by associating yourself with organizations that impact the masses. Design Studios and Ad Agencies are constantly looking for designers who are more than just ordinary in aesthetic and design capabilities and those who would churn out brilliant visuals.

If you like to make a difference by Design,
As design can be applied in every situation and every context, Design Thinkers could make a difference by influencing people. Best part of completing a Design Course at AND is that you would able to do this easily, to a great extent, through design and design thinking. Here are the few career choices that would make a world of difference,
1. Design Facilitator
2. Design Educator
3. Influencer/Motivator – (presenting powerful ideas to people in a way that triggers action)
4. Mentor/Leader

“You are free to choose!”

If you like to choose Design as a path towards your goal,
AND’s Design Course is the best start!

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