Design and Psychology – the way it works together.

Good designs get noticed, Great designs get results. Understanding the difference between attention and results, need of choosing the right elements that serve the purpose require skills that are beyond the conventional meanings and the superficial definitions of Design.

For example, knowledge in colour associations like blue for calmness, red for passion and purple for richness is only a part of an equation that provide solutions. Challenge is hidden in knowing when and how users associate a colour with particular emotion. The way users tend to fall in love with design without understanding Why, has made one thing clear – emotions of design is felt in a subconscious level.

Achieving various intentions like sales, profit, popularity requires not just choosing right design elements but also understanding user’s behaviour, choices, and needs.

Here comes the confluence of Design and Psychology – Design that influence the behaviour of a user.

The basic principle that creates design that are great and that produce desired results lies in choosing the right element to trigger the right emotion that is motivating to take the right action; in the ways that make design and psychology work together.