Choosing Design to achieve Greatness!

There were few queries regarding my previous post. One of the questions raised was,

“Can Design help one achieve Greatness?”

As a designer I felt this question was naive as it was never a big deal for me to understand how design could help achieve greatness. But on further thought, I understood that for a non-designer the question is one that really needs to be answered.

However, I am glad that someone asked this boldly, rather than choosing to do nothing about his query.

So, how does learning design can help one achieve greatness?

I would like to emphasise a few points before I proceed:

Not all designers have achieved greatness

Not all those who achieved greatness are designers by profession


It’s not the knowledge that makes them great

It’s how they use their collected knowledge that makes them great.

So, here comes the question, why design? Why not any other profession?

I would say, one can achieve greatness in any field and discipline they choose.

But, anyone who has ever achieved greatness, would have used design in one or many of its forms with or without their conscious knowledge.

Design is not just about making things look beautiful. Design is a way of thinking, of finding hidden challenges, of grabbing neglected opportunities and of delivering solutions that transform lives. Making things look beautiful is just one aspect of design. Design serves a higher purpose!

A well-designed poster would have the power to provoke desired action,

But more than that, design as a way of thinking

– Brings meaningful order to the otherwise chaotic issues

– Is an invisible guide  that help creating systems and processes to direct one towards progress

– Would let you be more human, who has and spread fundamental needs of joy, humor and beauty


Connects people and perspective,

guides towards possibilities,

assists progress,

spreads awareness,

influences decision and

inspires action!

Alright. So, how would this Graphic Design Course help one achieve greatness?

Learning design means being aware, seeing the truth.

Simply put, learning design is learning to understand the fact, needs, opportunities and understanding the way it all works together!

In our Graphic Design Course, we orient students towards design in its various aspects. Our introduction to the fundamentals of design would

– Assists students in developing aesthetic sensitivity – visual aspect;

– Orient them towards design thinking and creativity as a way of problem solving process

Our entire curriculum and methodologies of this course would provide necessary direction, inspiration, guidance and experience to develop in-depth design and creative skills that enables students’ to identify their own potential and therefore greatness.

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