For those who wanted to join Graphic Design course but having persistent doubts and in the spell of some not-so-informed/wrong advice.

Here are some of the questions/self-doubt statements that we often hear:
I can’t draw, will I survive in this course?

What’s big deal about Portfolio? I know Photoshop

I’m very much interested, but I’m scared as there are lots of designers with “mediocre” job

Though I don’t have a portfolio, I did graduation Visual Communication, that’s enough to get into job

 The answers…

Design is not all about drawing well. Designers are not artists.
Design is about ideation, processing things to get results. Design is about creating solutions.

95% designers get employed in ideal job, if they have good portfolio. Think! Do we even talk about the importance of Good Portfolio? It’s inevitable for Design Professionals.

And yeah, knowing Photoshop – without any understanding of Design Fundamentals is equal to knowing MS Excel – without knowing multiplication or addition.

Now, you know the answers.
Wake up and smell the coffee!

The choice is yours!

Choice To Be Bold To Achieve Greatness:
Choose Design. Learn Design. Become a Design Professional.

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Because “Greatness is only for The Bold”


Choice for the rest:
Do nothing. Because that is a choice as well. It’s just that doing nothing will never make you achieve greatness!