Post millennial, generation of young minds who has the passion to follow their heart. Mind that sees the world in a different color. Heart that has the determination to change the world according to their will. Yet every individual with unique traits. At the AND group we take the responsibility to channel these young minds in the right direction that best suits their personality



There are certain points in life where a single decision can impact the individual’s course of future in the direction of success. One such point is the period after completing the high school. At the AND group we help them at this critical period in making informed decisions. So, Young minds, completing the high school who wants to know what to do next or those who wants to know the possibilities in the bridging the gap between their passion and the  available options can take up the specially structured Survey/Questionnaire.


At the AND Group, a team of experts from diverse backgrounds analyze the participant’s response, deduce the thinking patterns of the individual, and suggest them with different career choices that suits their needs, through a face-to-face interaction. We also organize a seminar/conference for the participants to present their opportunities and possible approaches.