EMERGING TREND IN 2018 – part 1 of series

Either good, bad or scary, technology evolution has made it much faster for brands to innovate and disrupt. We can expect to evidence more breakthroughs in couple of years than what we saw in last couple of decades. One of the trends we expect to see in 2018 is “Packaging Design” From the Healthcare industry’s Read more about EMERGING TREND IN 2018 – part 1 of series[…]

Designed to mesmerize!

Figure Skating – Behind this four minutes (approx) mesmerizing program, are a years of practice. For a spectator, who has not trained in Skating – this ruthlessly designed transitions, footwork and positions; confluence of interdisciplinary influences like ballet, dance, music, and costume, deliverance; – wouldn’t mean much. But, we experienced an undefinable emotions, observing what Read more about Designed to mesmerize![…]